Certain Social Circles / Turncoat


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released April 1, 2012

Personnel - Will Ragland, Sheila Fantastic, Josh Meador
recorded by Kent O'Bryan



all rights reserved


ALL DEAD Louisville, Kentucky

3-piece/Louisville, Kentucky.

we rise below.

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Track Name: Certain Social Circles
Certain Social Circles

Then dawn broke. Look blank. Loose hips sink ships.
We know these heavy-handed agents of attraction so well.
These doors don't open from the inside.
You tie the rope, I'll kick the chair.
You owe me more than money and I still feel sick.
It takes more muscles to fake that grin, than it does to lift those knees.
Mayday ignored, rescue not sent. Chips on our shoulders and dead from the waist down.
That's not what I came for.
That's not what I paid for.
This face sank a thousand ships.
Track Name: Turncoat

Him, lets call him mercy. Less than par for the pale course.
Unchecked too long. In the belly of the beast we claim our balance.
A straggler left for the sharp-set soil. Wrath for the one on the take.
Take ten. Take ten steps that's where we broke his cheating, worthless neck.
Bleed it out. Perfect ending for a turncoat.
Perfect ending for the frail.
No love lost. Blade in, bled out.
Won't be quick, won't be fair.
Left behind by salvage slum warfare.
Eaten through by salvage slum warfare.
Distress dismissed by salvage slum warfare.
Never quick, never fair.
Take, take ten. Take ten steps. That's where we spit his fucking teeth.
No love lost on this pale course.
This is the merciless cost of our prowess.